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If you're ever asked by some dope WHY you think Communism always ends in death, it's because it's a GUARANTEE that not everyone will agree with Communism and Communism is an insecure philosophy. It's continuance is reliant on everyone doing the same damn thing and will crush each and every crumb of dissent.

Otherwise Commies would see free will producing better results. EVERY TIME.

@sizzletron just 15 politicians in the volcano to stop the spread!

So the loonie tune gov of NY wants to require proof of the experimental shot in order to renew drivers license and car registration, starting next year.

How about instead of monitoring our bank accounts, we monitor political contributions over $600.

Evergrande has officially defaulted on their required loan payments.

But this is being phrased cautiously if not being kept out of the mainstream media social feeds as to not negatively impact the trading algos which would crater the markets around the world.

"Just because pandemic inflation is transitory doesn’t mean it’s going away anytime soon." - Bloomberg

Do Neoliberals still say they love Solidarność or are they that lacking in self-awareness to see the irony?

An 82-year-old Spanish engineer has devised a machine that can extract water from thin air, in order to help people in remote regions, potentially even in deserts.

Find out more information at 🚀


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