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I found this client actually works on the pinephone for matrix and supports end to end encryption. seems functional although a little buggy which is to be expected when a package is in alpha like this.

I had tried a tui which supported e2ee but it was hell on a small screen

remember that blow jiden is the patriot act architect, he's a human rights violater and criminal

so whatever his delusions of patriotic duty or being american are, especially if it involves utilizing a product, it doesn't matter

he's a war criminal, who cares

he wrote it in 94 btw, they had planned this since the first wtc attacks failed

and he makes it clear that democrats wanted it

its always been their plan

well i got video working with 2 packages, but it falls behind the audio pretty quickly. more to do.

gst-libav and gst-plugins-ugly got me h264 video btw

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[RT @JackPosobiec]
Here are Democrats in 2018 saying everything Mike Lindell says about voting machines

i realized today the pinephone isnt playing videos so ive got some packages to install. just not sure what i need just yet

has anyone on here played around with Jami at all? just found it and curious if it has any adoption

if we were really free, then the gov't wouldn't need to tell us.

i got to try it out at the lower memory level, and it wasn't unusable, but it was more sluggish because it was always hitting the upper limits on memory.

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for the record. the 2gb pinephone is, in my opinion, not worth the savings. the extra gig of ram makes it feel much more like a modern device. it is possible you could add a swap area on the smaller device, but i imagine you would shorten it's life using it that way.

the cameras are not great, but it's possible mine are damaged in some way and there is a chance to see upgrades in the future without needing go buy a whole new phone. this is hopefully a direction more people take.

looks like i might be diving into some perl i wrote half a decade or more ago today. should be fun. haven't done anything new with perl in several years so gonna have to warm myself up.

how the fuck in 2021 does Windows STILL not have fucking multiple desktops? I GOT WINDOWS I NEED TO DRAG TO OTHER WORKSPACES GODDAMMIT!

And NO I don't want a 3rd party MitMing to do it.

Linux has had this for over 2 DECADES.

I swear to fuck if a couple major VST teams decided to support Linux natively I'd drop windows like the toxic rotten hot fucking garbage it is COMPLTELY. Bitwig is basically ableton for all platforms, the VST plugins are the only tether I have to this demonspawn

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