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The US governing bureaucracies have illegally circumvented protections against tyrannical behavior in the constitution. Our Bill of Rights is just words on paper thanks to the intelligence community.

Many people only think of freedom of speech when we talk about the 1st amendment, but the press is also meant to be free from government influence. We know about Operation Mockingbird. We know about Ken Dilanian.

Thought of the day: Marxism in any form never works in the long run. Never has, never will.

BREAKING NEWS: ProPublica uncovers income tax taxes income

People think high income people don't pay income tax. It's absolutely untrue. People with high incomes pay high income taxes. Smart people who make a lot of money don't make their money as "income." If they even receive a paycheck they make it while making money in ways that don't show up on a Form W2. ProPublic

#Thoughts #government #Taxes

It just makes no sense. The only reasonable explanation is they had there money on coinbase or something but that seems like such a noob move I just don't see it.

When Clinton accused Trump of paying no federal taxes, he didn't deny it - rather, he said, "That makes me smart."

He wasn't the first rich sociopath to make that claim. Remember when Leona Helmsley told the press "only little people pay taxes?"


While digital feudalism is practiced by many Big Tech companies, Apple pioneered it and is its standard-bearer. The company rightly points out that the world is full of bandits who will steal your data and money and ruin your life, and it holds itself out as your protector.

Apple is a warlord whose fortress has thick walls and battlements bristling with the most ferocious infosec mercs money can buy.


@adam Economic hit-men in Montenegro.

Montenegro borrowed 809 million euros from China’s Export-Import Bank and hired Chinese company to build a road
20m€/km. Now they are out of money and China wants land as payment.

Anyone have an explanation as to how the FBI/DOJ could seize bitcoins from a wallet?

Options I can imagine:

1. Bruteforce
2. Keylogger or comparable compromise on system hosting the wallet
3. It was their wallet in the first place

Other options?

Guys, Gals, everyone else... It's been called off! Sorry about that! The dildo mascot in the first parade float out front should have told you.

"Pride Month Canceled After It's Revealed LGBTQ Community Culturally Appropriated Sign Of Noahic Covenant"

I remember reading a "conspiracy theory" a long time ago about AIDS. It argued that it was actually created by the US Gov. The connection was related to a Hepatitis B drug trial in major cities in the late 70s, and how HIV began to show up in those same cities a year or so later. Is anyone familiar. While searching I came across this old NYT article that says that blood was collected in the study, but that's about it.

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