@hn100 none of these companies care about privacy. They just want to be the one to collect and benefit from the largest dataset and they certainly don't want competition benefiting

@ThatDude @chris I saw a clip. Jon Stewart showed up and started talking about how it's obvious wuflu came from a lab.

@jeremiah so this kind of humor is now allowed in public settings... thank goodness they brought Jon out of cold storage to present the first comedy bit pointing our the obvious fact that was banned from public discourse and called racist last year

China Claims Miracle 100x Surge of Organ 'Donors' Since 2015

“The interrogation started at 9 P.M. and ended around noon the next day. The five officers didn’t hit me, but there was a sixth man and he beat me and threatened me. ‘I’ll remove your organs,’ he says, ‘and burn what’s left of your body,'” Liu described. [...] Liu also stated she was forced to sign an organ donor consent form.


@Jdogg247 well it turns out we may have at least partly funded it's creation so...aybe we are at least partly to blame. Even if it's just not paying attention to where our money goes closely enough.

@verretor @DeveloperMemes not gonna lie though, I have oft wished for a way to hear music with the kind of clarity a full stereo or great headphones can provide while Also being able to hear the people around me. There may still be an attention component to deal with, but if you stopped using your ears to hear music you should be able to hear everything around you well enough. It would be like a personal soundtrack.Of course I'll never have anything implanted but I've considered this application

#foxnews #whistleblower for real?

Watch "Fox 26 TV Reporter Ivory Hecker Informs Network LIVE ON AIR She's Blowing The Whistle On Them" on YouTube

FBI warns lawmakers that QAnon Digital Soldiers may become more violent. 😂 FBI yet to realize no such thing as QAnon. There is Q and there are Anon decoders. And digital soldiers are just that digital!

Today’s the Army’s birthday. I’m very proud of my service and especially proud of the amazing men I served next to. The best men I will ever know. Today’s army seems like something unrecognizable and probably hostile to me. I would not encourage any young person now to join the services.

Postmortem molecular mapping by real-time polymerase chain reaction revealed relevant SARS-CoV-2 cycle threshold values in all organs examined (oropharynx, olfactory mucosa, trachea, lungs, heart, kidney and cerebrum) except for the liver and olfactory bulb.


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