My strawberries are in a garden bed in the front of my house so I have been hesitant to put frames and bird netting around them because I think it would take away from the otherwise attractive appearance of the bed. Unfortunately these birds love those sweet sweet berries and every year they come down from the trees overhead and pick off all of the ripe fruits before I get a chance at it. We're going to try a toy snake and see if that can help us this year. Next year we're making 🍓rocks

Headed to the gym... Leg Day today. Luckily we have a car with an automatic trans

Holy smokes I've lived here for years and know this house. Never knew it was John Locke that built it. 😞

The chickens are ramping up production for the summer. We got 2 new chickens yesterday and they did actually lay one egg last night but I broke it while collecting them so maybe tomorrow.

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