might be breaking mastodon here. It continues to consume so much space, and it looks like the bulk of the storage is in the public/system/cache directory. I'm pruning files older than 30 days so hopefully all is well.. If not I may have to re-evaluate my continued use of mastodon here. Pleroma hasn't started to run away with storage like this so far. 🤷

@thatguyoverthere really good to know. I had read that Pleroma was much less of a resource hog. That and a different max character setting were my reasons for using pleroma. But I haven't been using heavily enough to know what resources are required.

@mayor the pruning seems to have been successful. From 180GB down to about 40GB. So long as nothing broke (removing cache should be safe) I'm happy. It's weird because the cli tools didn't seem to see the space being used.

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