@Tinyhouse4life right? I saw lithium on the box and half thought she bought me a bunch of 18650s until I picked it up


I was just forced to order some baby gifts from Amazon. They are shipping them all separately 😬 Drives me crazy

@thatguyoverthere I get this happening all the time. It would be interesting to know the chain of events that leads to this.

worker: I know, While I'm waiting for the next order to print out, I'll go ahead and get a box ready.... Oh crap, a small order.... Oh well.

Computer system: The inventory system shows an over stock of this size box, so put that box size on any order smaller than this size. Worker: I don't know why the hell it's saying to use this box when I could just use that padded envelope... Oh well.

that's all I got.
@thatguyoverthere and some days I get not just 3 different packages from them... they are delivered in 3 different vehicles.

@mayor well at least Amazon pays their carbon taxes or whatever footprint reducing scam they pay into to make it look like they are offsetting the carbon emissions

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