The thing I find so fascinating about socialist/communists is that on many of the issues, I tend to agree with them. It's the solutions they come up with that are so misguided in my opinion. It's clear that they put a lot of faith in government to fix problems. I see the opposite effect. I am not saying the government is out to make society worse [necessarily], but I do think that all too often well intended laws harm society. Just look at the drug war.


assuming the purpose was to save society, we can now say with some certainty that it's had no positive effect on drug use, and it may have actually made it more enticing for some. It certainly allowed a black market to develop and flourish. The black market is far more violent than the white market. Some of this is because of a certain amount of policy and regulation that does protect the people, but too much and it starts to get in the way and stifle small and medium businesses

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In the black market people who are wronged have only 2 options. Take the L or retaliate with violence. In the white market there is a threat of violence from the state so this need for direct violence is curbed. We saw this in the 20s too when they banned alcohol. This is what ultimately led to the rise of the mafia.

look at all of the lockdown failures. We're seeing now that all of the government policy had very little effect on the spread or fatality of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Instead we destroyed most of the small businesses in the country, and created the largest upward transfer of wealth in history.

The rich got richer as a result of bad government policy. What about when we bailed out the banks? More fantastic government policy deciding which businesses are just too critical to not get special treatment

If instead we were to allow the markets decide which businesses add value and which ones take it away, I think we would have seen a revolution when the banks fell. Instead they were emboldened. Told they were too big to fail.

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