When I was growing up I listened to stuff like Anti-Flag, Dead Kennedys, Rage Against the Machine, and System of a Down a lot. Very politically charged music that went after the establishment. What's interesting is that now I see people who think they are carrying on that legacy acting as useful idiots for the establishment. I don't think I've changed all that much politically, but the forces of evil have which altered the political landscape. Now I align closer with the party of Reagan. Strange

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I still think America has a lot of things to improve on, but I have always thought the constitution and bill of rights are solid works. America has a lot to be proud of in our constitution, but we have a lot to be ashamed of too. In our complacency we've allowed dark forces to wield the power of our government over the world for too long. We've idly sat by as the people we chose to represent us sold our country off and chipped away at our rights. We have allowed them to create war in our name.

We now seem to be at something of a cross roads. We need to become one nation and stand against those who would destroy everything our forefathers fought for. We need to seek truth and expose the lies and liars in our media organizations and political body. We need to take the power back. Don't elect incumbents. Period. The world wants a reset. Let's reset our government by ensuring anyone who is or has been elected before is shown the door in their next election. This goes for local stuff too.

As far as the media is concerned, we need to pray for discernment and learn to spot the lies and doublespeak. We need to teach those around us how to do the same. We need to figure out where the intelligence community has infiltrated the media and expose it. We need more trustworthy information sources to be decentralized and made censorship proof.

@thatguyoverthere As Moe Factz and Adam said in episode 61?/62?... the next awakening has begun.... i was woken up (not woke) as covid hit. Was always a thinker and loved discussions but i was BRAINWASHED too and didnt know.... i have learned so much these past 18+ months and look forward to the continuing education. Thanks to all of those who have been part of my education!

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